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Lucy D., Reporter

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Thanks to new recruits, veterans, and a new coach, the Middle School Girls Volleyball team has secured a spot in the playoffs.

Each player brings strengths that have helped the team throughout the season and make a championship a definite possibility. During a game against Episcopal School of Los Angeles, the team came back from a ten point deficit in the first set. Pilgrim won 2 out of 2 of the sets.

When asked about team strengths, Coach Abrams said that the team is able to adapt well, and they have learned from their mistakes. Coach Abrams says, “The team has definitely improved since the first day.” Captain Bianca L.R says that her teammates’ “strengths lie in their athleticism and talent.”

As for their weaknesses, Ahbai J. says, “As a team, one of our weaknesses is being supportive. We shut down when we start to mess up but we have gotten a lot better. Personally, I need to work on serving because I can’t do overhand serves.”

One spot where nothing is lacking is the team’s confidence level. “Yes I do feel confident, we have a lot of strong players on the the team, and we are having a very good season,” says Margo P.

Before coming to Pilgrim Coach Abrams was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for a private ambulance company and a High School volleyball coach. She currently teaches Elementary P.E classes and some Secondary P.E classes.

With a spike in the right the direction, the Middle School Volleyball team just might win a championship for the first time.

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