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Familiar Faculty Show New Talents

December 4, 2016

This year, there are many staff in new places, including Mrs. Kong and Mr. Stauffer. Both now play very different roles in the community, and they both have goals and challenges for the 2016-1017 school year.

Last year, Mr. Stauffer, who has been at Pilgrim for four years, was a fitness teacher and a coach for some of the sports teams, such as the girls’ basketball team. This year, Mr. Stauffer is a history teacher for the seventh grade.  

When asked what the biggest difference was between teaching P.E. and teaching History, Mr. Stauffer replied by saying that the different classes allowed students to showcase their different talents. For example, P.E. allows students who are/were not as successful in an academic setting but are/were better in an athletic setting to shine. However, this year as a history teacher, he experiences the flip side.

Mr. Stauffer’s favorite part of teaching history is being able to try something new. History also allows exercise of different parts in the brain that were not used in P.E.  Mr. Stauffer also enjoys listening to the different perspectives that students have.

The biggest goal Mr. Stauffer has for the year is to be a good teacher to the students. During his time at school, he experienced some not-so-good teachers, and he doesn’t want to be like that for his students. Another goal that Mr.Stauffer has is to teach in depth and effectively.

This year, Mr. Stauffer can help students because he now talks to them more, and tries to resolve any issues entirely to prevent tem from coming back in the future. This has been a goal of his that he says he didn’t do so much before.

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Mrs. Kong was previously the Head of Admissions at Pilgrim and is now the Head of School. I had the opportunity to interview her to ask about some of the differences, positives, and goals for being the head of school.

Mrs. Kong’s favorite part of being Head of School is getting to work with everyone on campus. This includes staff and faculty, administrators, students of all ages, and more. This is something that wasn’t possible for her before in her role as the Head of Admission.

When asked, Mrs. Kong stated the biggest difference between being the Head of Hdmissions and being the head of school is, she told me that more decisions are up to her to make. As the Head of School, there is more she is responsible for and therefore more decisions to be made. However, Mrs. Kong also mentioned that the good teamwork at Pilgrim helps with making these choices.

As a Head of School, there is more going on and therefore less time to help out with students. However, Mrs. Kong is still able to help students in the same ways as she did before. She still does college recommendations and is able to know the seniors very well.

Mrs. Kong’s biggest goal is to make sure the Field of Dreams is completed this year.  However, there are other goals she has for the school year. She wants to visit classrooms, help find the right next Head of School, get to know more of the faculty and staff, and schedule lunches with everyone throughout the school year.

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