Flag Football Flies High

Theo M., Reporter

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One sport we play at Pilgrim is flag football, and the middle school football team has represented Pilgrim School on the road to success with passion and motivation. The Patriots play football against teams all around L.A. They play nine on nine, which is just like secondary school tackle football. The 2016 season started in September, and ended in November.

I got to travel with the team to a game against Westmark school, It happened to be the first game they won! The score ended up being 12-0 with the Patriots winning by 2 touchdowns. There were three interceptions, and the team played very well. They communicated as a team, stood together instead of apart, and played hard. Even when they realized that Westmark wasn’t going to come through and score, they did not let up and worked even harder.

The team’s two amazing coaches are Coach Concialdi and Coach Oishi. Coach Oishi is also some players’ math teacher, and he is a little tougher on them in class  because they also work on team development as well as personal development. Working in a team is an important skill in life, and being on the team starts that mentality early, Coach Oishi likes to see them work together and become even more of a team, and also to see their hard work pay off.

They do a bunch of different drills at practice including scrimmages and passing trees.  They also do conditioning, including gassers and indian runs. Gassers are an exercise where they run 40 yards in one direction, and 40 yards back over and over. Indian runs are something where the team runs in a line around the field and throws a ball to the person behind theml  if they drop it, they have to start over. To player Jack C., the practices are “hard, but in a good way.”

While they are playing, the players try to help each other out and support each other as much as possible. They are always there for each other. The team has a special connection to one another and have bonds that they wouldn’t have without this team to pull them together. This is a special kind of relationship that no one else has. This is why it is vital we have a middle school flag football team.

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