Pilgrim’s New Leader

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Pilgrim’s New Leader

Anton A., Reporter

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Mr. Barsky is coming to Pilgrim School because the Pilgrim community needs a new head of school. Mr. Barsky is excited to join Pilgrim because he thinks it is remarkable and caring and that it has a great faculty, students and art program.

Mr. Barsky is currently Head of Upper School at Francis Parker school in San Diego, California.   Before that, he was an administrator and a history teacher at schools in New York.

Mr. Barsky is looking forward to starting at Pilgrim because he loves students and seeing how they  work and interact. In particular, he is hoping to increase Pilgrim’s already strong community service program.

Our new head of school volunteers weekly at the Humane Society, so he is happy that Pilgrim School already collaborates with various community service groups.

This could have a strong impact on Pilgrim to do even more community service projects, which is great because there is so much trash and so many homeless people in Los Angeles.

Before Mr. Barsky was a teacher, he worked at a dog food factory as a teenager. He says it showed him discipline and a real challenge in life.

Later on in college Mr. Barsky he would be an attorney and applied for law school. During this time he realized he would much rather work with students to ensure they had the most fulfilling educational experience possible and could be surrounded by the joy of learning.

Mr. Barsky ended up going to graduate school in education. He was fortunate enough to find a career in teaching.

Some cool things about Mr. Barsky are, he has a pug named Chai, he was in a Japanese theme show and loves museums and chocolate.

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