The Best of Mr. Beardsley

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The Best of Mr. Beardsley

Shine C., Reporter

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Mr. Beardsley is a computer science, 8th grade robotics, and a substitute teacher at Pilgrim. His favorite part about teaching at Pilgrim is that he likes the diversity of ideas and interests among the students.

He grew up in Maine and went to Tufts University in Massachusetts where he majored in computer science and drama. He also did a lot of sports and starred in many shows.

He  graduated from college in 2016. After college, he came out to Los Angeles.

At Pilgrim School, Mr. Beardsley substitutes for both elementary and secondary classes. Mr. Beardsley said that the main difference in the students is the size difference. Mr. Beardsley stated that another difference is with the energy levels between elementary and secondary.

Mr. Beardsley has coached the basketball team and also the track and field team. Mr. Beardsley stated that he is coaching the cross country team. Coaching for him at Pilgrim is a blast.

In Mr. Beardsley’s interview, he stated that the Sixth Grade Catalina trip was one of the highlights of his year at Pilgrim. He thought that the food was delicious.

Mr. Beardsley loved to see the students work together and use teamwork, like when the 6th graders played team building activities and explored challenges. His enjoyed seeing all of the students going out of their comfort zones and trying new things.

When asked what would he do besides teaching in the future. Mr. Beardsley said that his life goal is to be an actor.

When Mr. Beardsley went to school, his favorite subject was either math or English. His favorite sport as a kid was basketball.

When Jasper A., a student in 6th grade, was asked what he thought about Mr. Beardsley, he told me that “Mr. Beardsley is a cool teacher to have.” Miku W., a student in 8th grade contributed her thoughts about Mr. Beardsley. She stated, “He is a very chill and cool teacher.”

Some fun facts about Mr. Beardsley is that his favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a pug.

Mr. Beardsley was interviewed in his former office, which is the electrical room on the 3rd floor  of the Seaver Building on Wednesday, January 18, at Flex Block.


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