Living on the Dance Floor

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Living on the Dance Floor

Shannon C., Reporter

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The pom team, which is an extension of cheer with more elements of dance, is a new Pilgrim team that features some of the middle school dancers and is coached by Ms.Ortega. The team has won first at regionals and hopes to continue pom throughout the years with more dancers and dreams ahead.

While cheer may be more about leading the crowd, supporting school athletics, and stunting, pom is filled with turns, kicks, leaps, jumps, exciting choreography, and the ability to dance as one. The pom team is more of a competitive dance team that will open up more opportunities for those who love dance.

Ms. Ortega decided to start the pom team during the middle of the year in order to give the team members a feel for this new style of dance and choreography and to experience competition.

Pilgrim had a pom team for six years, but it was discontinued four years ago. After seeing new talent in the middle school dance class, Ms. Ortega decided it was time to restart the team. Ms. Ortega’s dance experience has always been with pom, and this new team is taking her back to her roots.

Ms. Ortega has big plans for the future of the pom team. She hopes to make pom an elective, bring in more choreographers, and enter the team in more competitions. She also hopes that the team will extend to high school students as well as middle schoolers.

Working hard in the dance room, the pom team is taking only their best to competition.

Seventh grader Ahbai J. says, “The best thing about pom is being able to be around all your close friends that you’ve known while being able to enter into a safe, secluded area where you’re not judged by the height of your kicks or the height of your jumps, but the quality of them. You aren’t labeled as a bad dancer if you can’t do everything that everyone else can do because each and everyone of us has something that we can all bring to the team.”

Yet pom is not as easy as it may sound. Stamina, strength, and endurance are required. It is not only important to execute, but to hit every move with precision and as one team. Pom challenges dancers to be a team instead of dancing “your own way.”

Kate L., another seventh grade student, has to say, “We’ve never done this type of competitive dancing. It’s very fast-paced and exhausting.”

The pom team has won first place at regionals and has qualified for nationals. They will be performing at California Adventure for nationals on February 26 and hope to bring in first place.

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