Dress Code Addresses Issues

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Dress Code Addresses Issues

Hazel H., Reporter

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A tradition at Pilgrim School is our required uniform. There are both good and bad consequences of having a dress code.  There were slight changes made to the dress code before the start of this school year.  One important change is the elimination of any rules about hair length and color.   Another meaningful difference from last year is that the uniform is the same for all genders.

One of the main advantages of Pilgrim’s dress code is that no one will get judged for their appearance or what type of clothes they have.

I sat down with the head of the Secondary School, Ms. Coley, and she explained why she thinks we need a dress code at Pilgrim.

“We have a dress code for several reasons. Although I was not here [at Pilgrim] when it was put in place, the reason why I think it is good to have a dress code is because there are some standards for what is appropriate.”  Ms. Coley added that when the dress code was put in place then-Head of School Mr. Brooks believed a uniform helps security guards know who is a student. Also, there is no competition or students getting embarrassed about their choices

According to Middle School science teacher Ms.Logue, having a dress code reduces peer pressure and makes everyone feel equal.

Dean of Students Ms. McLoughlin added “ Pilgrim School is one of the independent schools that requires a uniform for students. It’s a part of the history of this school. Students can engage in their learning if they are dressed in a uniform.”

I have experienced a school uniform for the past year and a half, after six years without one in elementary school. Sometimes on free dress days, I do feel jealous of of other people’s clothing choices. They are comfortable with wearing short skirts. I think that the uniform has changed a lot in many good ways.

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