Middle School Basketball is a Slam Dunk

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Middle School Basketball is a Slam Dunk

Brad J., Reporter

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Basketball is one of the winter sports available for middle school boys to join, and those who do represent Pilgrim in the VCal league;  This year 10 boys are on the team. Their final record was 7-3.

The players are Wilder A. (8th), Arik B. (8th), Maxwell C. (8th), Jake C. (8th), John D. (6th), Asa G. (8th), Josh K. (8th), Theo M. (7th), Adrian T. (8th), and Christopher W. (7th). The coaching is led by Coach Skaggs who is assisted by Coach Wurmlinger; both of these men are new to Pilgrim and were recruited by Coach Sarafian.

It is challenging for players to have coaches who do not work at Pilgrim during the day.  Player Christopher W. commented  that it would be better to have the coaches here more often so they could talk to them more.  John D.’s comment on the coaching is “They are pretty good coaches.”

Christopher W. also said that there can be pressure from other players on the team, one of whom is Arik Billings, Christopher said, “Arik expects the best out of us ,which is good sometimes and bad sometimes.”

John D., the only sixth grader on the team says that the group is generally friendly, but he wishes that he had more close friends on the team.

According to Arik B. there is no specific ritual that the team goes through before a game, and  that they, “Just warm up.”  Arik also said when the team is down he prepares to try harder while keeping his head in the game.

This reporter went to a basketball game against St. Paul’s, and was there for the early part of the first quarter. During the game there were plays yelled out and strategies revised; it felt like the team were as organized as high schoolers.

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