Design and Modeling

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Design and Modeling

Desi N., Reporter

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This year one of the six grade rotation classes is Design and Modeling. The class is taught during period one and teaches students some of the foundations of engineering.

This class was added to the sixth grade rotation so that the sixth graders can see whether they like Engineering and if they may want to pursue this interest in high school or even college.

This curriculum includes the basics of design and modeling, including how to sketch and use a 3D printer.  The class also teaches students how to dimension.

This year the class is taught by 7th and 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Logue, in her lab on the fourth floor of the Seaver building.

  I interviewed Felix S. and asked him his opinion of the class so far.

Felix said that the class was fun and interactive. He also said it was a class that was not too difficult but still required a lot of thinking. He did have a few changes to suggest.  He thinks that there should be more projects and the class should be even more hands-on.

In my interview with Ms. Logue, she agreed with Felix that the class was at a medium difficulty, which means that class is good because it both the teacher and the students believe that the class is challenging but not overwhelming.

I interviewed Mikhi V. to ask him what he thought about the class he will be taking next trimester.

When asked if he was excited he responded with yes. When asked why MIkhi said, “ it shows the basics and would help me take the first steps towards making a flying car.”

Mikhi V. thinks that adding engineering to the curriculum was a great idea because it can show a student if you want to pursue it as a career.

For a 5th grader hoping to take this class, it is unclear if this class will be available next year.


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