What’s Inside Health Class?

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What’s Inside Health Class?

Ben O., Reporter

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One of the seventh grade exploration classes is a new health class that is taught by Mr. Saxton, the high school science teacher.  It is a one trimester class that every seventh grader must take.

Ms. Coley, the head of Secondary School, decided that Health should be one of the seventh grade rotation classes, along with Journalism and Computer Science. The class was developed by the STEM department, and Mr. Saxton was assigned to teach it. He is definitely a logical fit because he also teaches anatomy, physiology, and biology.

This is Mr. Saxton’s first time teaching health class. Mr. Saxton does state that he took health classes himself in elementary school, twice in middle school, and in high school.

All the topics that are taught were chosen by Ms. Coley, Ms. Hebie, Dean of Studies, Dr. Cohen, the head of Elementary School, and Ms. Logue, middle school science teacher.  The curriculum includes, fitness and nutrition, drug awareness, and sexual health.

So far, the class has planned healthy food choices, made food diaries, and monitored heart rates. They also experienced how it feels to breath through smoker’s’ lungs, modeled the effects of alcohol, and have done group projects about alcohol and drugs.   

Mr. Saxton is avoiding tests and quizzes. He plans on mostly doing projects and research. He does state that he will give at least one  test soon.

Mr. Saxton says he likes teaching health class.  His favorite part of the class is the enthusiasm of students, but Mr. Saxton thinks the extra energy can make the class difficult to control sometimes.  

All of his students say he is chill, nice, and funny.

Mr. Saxton said that there will be a food party for everyone on the last day of health class.  


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