Dress Code Cons

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Dress Code Cons

Alexis A., Reporter

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Something special about Pilgrim is the community and its ability to make students feel cared for and loved. However, one thing that causes a lot of disruption in the school is the dress code. Students don’t like the way that the rules are enforced and look down on the restrictions.

Some students think that the required uniform pieces are not only expensive but not very comfortable to wear during the day. Some teachers do physical activities as a way for the students to become grounded and more focused, and the uniforms don’t allow the students to move around completely.  Some students also believe that the dress code takes away their chances to express themselves.

One restriction that Ms. McLoughlin has commented on is the college sweatshirt requirement. “The college sweatshirt requirement…”goes against the uniform . . . it’s not fair to everyone and it doesn’t make the student body unified.”  This rule seems a little hypocritical because not everyone ends up looking the same which was the goal of the uniform in the first place.

When talking to some students around school, a common opinion that the reporter heard was that people wanting to be able to wear a non-uniform jacket, but they don’t own a college sweatshirt.

Some of the students think that with this rule, the secondary administrative team is restricting one of the few ways that students can express their individuality through what they wear. Pilgrim is a very accepting and welcoming school and to expand on that Pilgrim should let students show and express their individuality

The dress code at Pilgrim School is something that makes the school a lot more united. However, there is a lot more that goes into the dress code than many may think. The requirements get thought and effort by both teachers and students, and because of the great amount of effort the dress code is probably not going anywhere.

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