Pitch Review

Hazel H., Reporter

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Pitch is a television story based on a true story on the verge of happening  about the first woman professional baseball player. The main character, Ginny Baker, is a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. She has many different experience with other players, including when the team holds a kangaroo court in the clubhouse. Viewers also see what happens with the managers and coaches behind the scenes. It also includes drama with baseball players and their families. People should watch Pitch because it is something that everyone baseball fan and sports fan would like. Even if you don’t like baseball, there is also some romance and sibling-related drama. You get a behind the scene look at what happens during a baseball game in the dugout and in the general manager’s office. It starres Kylie Bunbury, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, Mark Consuelos, Mo McRae, Tim Jo, Meagan Holder, and Dan Lauria.  Unfortunately,  Pitch doesn’t air anymore but you can stream it on Hulu and Fox.

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