Ten Fascinating World War II Facts

Brad J., Reporter

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  1. In WWII propaganda was so widespread that it even made its way into children’s cartoons.
  2. The U.S. Sherman tank was a much worse tank than the German Panzer and Tiger class tanks, but it massively outnumbered the Panzers and Tigers. This  gave the allies the upper hand.
  3. The biggest obstacle for Hitler during the battle of Britain was the English Channel, which prevented the German tanks from attacking Great Britain.
  4. Japan told the world that their mission was “to free Asia from the white man” during the beginning of Japan’s military conquest in Asia.
  5. Hitler was made Time Magazine “Man of the Year” in 1938 – one year before Germany’s invasion of Poland.
  6. D’Day could be qualified as a disaster for the Allied forces if you looked at the death count only.
  7. Germany invaded Africa because the Italians needed help.
  8. WWII was actually started when the United Kingdom and France went to war with Germany over The Polish coastal city of Danzig.
  9. Mussolini was shot by Italian rebels and then hung by a lamp post.
  10. More people from Russia died in WWII than from any other country or faction.
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