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Jasper A., Reporter

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The author Stuart Gibbs visited Pilgrim on October 5th for the upper elementary and middle school classes. He brought a lively presentation to Shatto Chapel and taught the students about the inspirations for his books, along with a bit of information about him becoming an author.

Stuart Gibbs was born in 1969 in Philadelphia. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Stuart Gibbs is known for writing the Funjungle, Spy School, and Moon Base Alpha series. He has currently published eleven books, and a twelfth one is expected to come next spring.

Stuart Gibbs’s book Poached was inspired by a koala who came to the zoo he worked at, and his other Funjungle books were inspired by the readers’ interest in environmental issues. Stuart has an idea for a new series, but not enough to start the creation process.

He usually takes three months writing a first draft, and then spends a year editing.

Stuart Gibbs likes writing because it’s something he’s always loved to do. He didn’t realize visiting schools was a part of being an author, but he likes it.

The Visiting Authors Program has a long history of inviting authors to visit Pilgrim.  Ms. Innes, a previous faculty member, had brought authors to the school before it was an official program, and  Ms. Williams decided to make an official the Visiting Authors Program. There will be more authors visiting this year, such as Arthur Benjamin and Kim West, along with the musician Grace Kelly.


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