Get to know Ms. Williams

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Ms.Williams is our middle school librarian, and she has been working at Pilgrim School for about seven years. She was born here in Los Angeles and graduated from  the University of California, Davis.

Ms.Williams also lived in New York for a while. Her dream job as a kid was to be a writer, and then a doctor. Before becoming a librarian, she was a clothing designer for a couple of years.

When she moved back to Los Angeles she started working at a bookstore. She held book fairs, which led her to come work at Pilgrim School. She wanted to be a librarian because she had always loved books and wanted to share her inspiration with others.

Ms. Williams  started reading at the age of 3 or 4 and has never stopped. Her all time favorite series is The Lord Of The Rings, which she has recommended to many students. If she was not a librarian Ms.Williams would like be a writer.

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