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Deceiving or Believing

Robi C., Reporter

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On the first day of Pilgrim School 2017-2018 children eagerly grasp their computers, but is this the best way to learn or is it just a distraction? Do students spend more time playing games or doing work?

Head of Secondary School, Mr. Grady, rightfully points out that by having a tech-free lunch we make more connections with people, as opposed to if we were on our technology on our own.  It is also hard for faculty and staff not to use technology during lunch. So it is not just the students that have to follow that rule.

Ms. McLoughlin, Director of Student Life, states that students and adults see students playing games on their computers. Even though this is sometimes during appropriate times,  this normally happens when students should be going to class instead.

Every day middle school students play video games on their computers during class. They also watch YouTube instead of doing work. I have consistently seen this happen in all of my classes; some students even start distracting other kids from getting work done.

Even when the teacher tells them to work people continue to watch YouTube or play games. When the teacher has to leave the room, students decide to continue even if they are told to work.

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Deceiving or Believing