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Computers: the Way of the Future

Astrid J., Reporter

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Are computers really the way to go? Most say yes! Giving students computers to use throughout the year is a decision that will affect secondary students as well as faculty and staff. Having access to the internet on a personal device is powerful and crucial for a student’s proper education.

Although there is some debate on whether or not giving students computers is negative, or positive, more and more schools are giving their students access to technology, and to most students and staff, it is a step up. Mrs. McLoughlin, the Director of Student Life says, “ We are 21st-century learners” She means that instead of always writing on paper, we have the huge opportunity to learn lots of different skills as well as using technology in a beneficial and responsible way.”

Opinions among students may vary when it comes to using computers or handwriting for assignments, but most agree that computers allow them to see the world in many different ways. “With this advanced and new technology, we are able to think critically and see the world in different perspectives.”

Mr. Grady, the Head of Secondary School at Pilgrim also agrees that computers have a positive effect on secondary students. “It is important to be able to collaborate with other students – something that you won’t have access to otherwise,” he said.

Mr. Grady also says, “It depends on the class or subject; however, most teachers allow their student’s access to computers. You are able to make videos and learn how to use them effectively.”

Not all students know how to use technology properly and responsibly; we have to learn how to live and thrive in a digital world.

“At Pilgrim School, we are very lucky to have such an abundant amount of technology.” Ms. McLoughlin always listens to students’ opinions regarding the computers. “In the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) it says that tech should be taught in a safe, balanced, and healthy way.” She is right.

At Pilgrim School, we should always try to improve our learning abilities and methods. It is an important part of who we are as a school.

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Computers: the Way of the Future