Issues with the New Homework Policy

Theo C., Reporter

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A new homework policy has arrived at Pilgrim. The policy is that if homework is late students don’t get graded down. Although people might expect students to be loving it, a lot of people have mixed feelings about it.

This is how the homework system works: when students do not turn in an assignment on time, they schedule a day with the specific teacher to turn it in. If someone does not turn it in on the scheduled day they must go to “catch up club” during the next FLEX to finish the homework. It sounds like a very good and well-planned system, but it does have some negative sides.

I sat down with the Director of Student Life, Mrs. McLoughlin, and she explained that there is a consequence to late homework, which is doing homework during flex. However, I don’t think that is a strong enough punishment because Flex is actually already a time for students to catch up on work. Although catch-up club might make sure students actually do their work, I don’t see how that can make up for not doing an assignment and then lying to a teacher about turning it in on a certain date.

It might help some students stress less, but for the students that are fast with homework and don’t have any stress, this is where the system goes wrong. For those types of students this policy might encourage them to slack off and not do homework. That is a problem because if they go to another school or when they go to college they might get a lot more stress than usual because they are used to just slacking off.

I think overall it isn’t a bad system, but it definitely has a lot of room for improvement. For me it works pretty well because I usually have a lot of after school programs and sometimes I get to my house late and don’t have time to finish all of my homework. So it is definitely a big stress reliever. For some people, though, it just encourages them to do other things that are not productive.

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