Spiking Over the Net with the Girls Volleyball Team

Iris E., Reporter

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The 2017 Middle School girl’ volleyball is doing well and having a great time.The girls practice either before or after school a few times a week in the Pilgrim gym.

The team includes six girls from sixth through eighth grades and is coached by the one and only Coach Stauffer.

This years team has played hard and had a good time.

Here are a few words from the players.     

Ahbai in 8th grade said: “ The competitions are scary! I always feel jittery and want to slap everyone.” Ahbai says it is scary at first, but she has fun playing with her friends.

Emily in seventh grade commented that even though the team doesn’t win every game, that doesn’t really matter.

Coach Stauffer said something very similar. He said that “Even though we can’t win every game, what matters is the team cooperation and putting in your best effort.” Coach Stauffer also believes that before a competition, players have to put their game faces on and have tunnel vision to block out distractions… but not too much.

Although this was the last year for the eighth graders on the team, the others are already looking forward to welcoming new players next year’s.  

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