Pilgrim Football Spirit

Rahmi K., Reporter

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On a winning streak, the middle school football team, lead by Coach Oishi and Coach Concialdi, are aiming to make it into the playoffs. If they do, they will play Laurel Hall in the championship.

The team’s pre-game warm up consists of the quarterbacks throwing the ball to the offense. The defense works on trying to defend and attack the quarterback. The sixth game will decide whether or not they go into the playoffs.

The football team’s home field is Shatto Park. They practice at Shatto Park after school every Monday through Friday. They usually have practices after school, and they leave school early on game days in order to  warm up and get ready for the game.  

The practice starts with stretching. In the beginning of practice, the offense and defense split up, then the defense separates into two groups, and the offense splits up into two groups. They work on different plays; then they all come back together and work on the plays against each other.

The coaches’ favorite play is the overload right jet sweep 993. It incorporates all the plays and combine them into one, so everyone on the offense can work on part of their games.


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