Pilgrim Welcomes New Faces

Sasha K-G, Reporter

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Each fall, Pilgrim’s middle school welcomes many new students to our community. It is great to learn more about some of our new classmates and to help some of our new friends get around.

I’ve interviewed two seventh and two sixth graders:  Remy, Rahmi  Chloe, and Georgia I found out about each of them, and especially what they think of Pilgrim so far.  I interviewed them during Flex and other free times in various classrooms.

Our first new student is Remy P. who is a seventh grader. He loves Pilgrim and said it feels like it’s a step up from his old school. “It feels very welcoming and I feel like I know every student here very well.”

Remy came from the Hollywood Schoolhouse. Since his old school was very small, he got lost in the first weeks of school. However, he got used to the campus, and it isn’t as confusing now as it was back at the beginning of the school year.  This is true for most of the new students.

Remy likes Pilgrim’s schedule because there is a different set of classes each week, and he does band as an elective. He takes guitar and drum lessons every Friday after school.

Our second student is Rahmi; he is also a seventh grader. “I like pilgrim just because of the smaller grade sizes, which allows the teacher to pay more attention to individual students.” He likes flex block because it gives him the time to socialize with friends. Rahmi came from CWC Silverlake charter school.

It was when very confusing for Rahmi when he first got here because his old school didn’t have as many stairs.

Rahmi thinks the schedule is confusing because the classes change every day. However, he likes the schedule because it is an  interesting way to have classes. Rahmi enjoys creative writing for his elective. He plays guitar on Wednesday afternoons and soccer on Tuesdays after school.

Our third new student is Georgia who is one of the new sixth graders. “I am really enjoying Pilgrim.  I have met really nice people, and I like all my teachers.  I came from Franklin elementary, and when I first started it was really confusing and I needed everyone’s help.  However, after a while, I got used to the campus and I like the scheduling system.

Georgia takes art as an elective. She says  “no, I do not do anything outside of school but I am thinking of doing theatre outside of school.”

Our fourth and final student is Chloe. She likes the food they give here at school and thinks the cafeteria staff are very nice as well as the school staff

Chloe came from City Language Immersion charter. She thinks Pilgrim’s campus is very confusing, but she is getting used to it.  Chloe thinks the schedule is alright, except that you have to run from your 3rd class to your 4th class with no passing time. She thinks lunch could be longer as well. She has Studio art as an elective and outside of school She takes Korean lessons with her grandmother.


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