Dreams Can Come True

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The Field of Dreams will be finished in December of 2017. We hope that will happen, but they have been changing the date for a long time.

The construction company that is currently working on it started the project in February of 2016. The project manager, Jim Shelton, says the field will attract more students because we will have new sport facilities which will enhance our current athletic program. Jim thinks school projects are always fun because he can see how happy the students are when the project is complete.

We will also have a new dropoff/pickup spot that goes into the underground parking and then comes out through the back.

A question that was asked to asked Jim “if you could change anything from the new field what would it be” and he thought everything was perfect and that all of the students will love it.

UPDATE – The Field of Dreams opened to students on November 17, 2017.  We are now using it for recess, breaks, P.E. classes, and after-school sports practices.  The underground parking and carpool lanes are still being worked on.


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