Getting Mean with Mean Girls

Diego R., Reporter

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For the first time ever, Pilgrim put on a fall middle school play.  The adaptation of the beloved movie Mean Girls was directed by Ms. Miller. The performances were in the evenings of November 16th and 17th in Stuart Hall.

The actors in the play are Theo C., Kate, Hazel, Diego R, Dylan, Robert, Iris, Ava, Astrid, Siobhan, Riko, and Trajan.  They started rehearsing in September after school from 3:30 to 6:00in Stuart Hall and the dance studio for several days every week.

The inspiration for choosing Mean Girls was when last year’s middle school theater class wrote and performed an adaptation from the movie.They watched the movie and decided what scene they wanted to do. They broke up the class into groups of four and those groups wrote the different scenes.  Then the class had one performance last spring in Amanda Scott for all of secondary, and it was a perfect fit because it was such a hit.

This version added music and dancing.  One of the best parts was the dance to Thriller during the Halloween party scene.

Iris E. commented, “I love playing Gretchen Wieners and acting alongside my friends.  I have watched the movie around ten times and Gretchen has been always hilarious to me”

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