Go Get Your Golf

Henry A., Reporter

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The sales are going off the charts at the new Golf Wang store, which is located on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

This is the first permanent store owned by the rapper Tyler, The Creator. It opened on the 26th of October.  Inside the store there is an indoor skating bowl that you can only skate if you know the people there. 

The name is a spoonerism of Wolf Gang. Wolf Gang is a part of OFWGKTA which is an acronym for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

This company usually drops two collections each year. They do Spring/Summer and the other one is Fall/Winter. This company has also collaborated with many companies, including Converse and Vans.

Golf Wang is a very colorful company, and many of the pieces have bees on them.Tyler also owns Odd Future which is similar but the main logo is a donut.  Tyler had a Golf Wang/ Odd future shop on Fairfax, but later the shop closed because of disagreements with the landlord.

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