Everything You Need to Know About Ikea

Theo F., Reporter

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Everyone has heard of the household brand Ikea. However, there is more to learn about this famous store.  There are over 301 Ikeas all over the world, and even if Ikea is from Sweden, they are very diverse.

Ikea sells a huge variety of  inexpensive furniture. They make all kinds of furniture and even sell items for a backyard.  

Ikea is a furniture store and restaurant, with their infamous meatballs as one of their main attractions. And Ikea often gives money to organizations in need.

On May Fifth of 2017 the new CEO of Ikea took control of the company. Jesper Brodin became the CEO around the same time that the new Ikea store opened in Burbank, California.   

Ikea overall is a very successful Swedish store that is focused on helping the world.

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