Eighth Graders Bond in Our Nation’s Capital

Mikhi V-B, Reporter

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The 8th graders went to Washington D.C. in October. Their class trip helped them see some of what they were learning about in American History and have fun.

Pilgrim English teacher Mr. Maynard was one of the staff who went on the trip with them. This was not his first time going to Washington D.C. on a school trip; he had gone with his other 8th grade class when he lived in Boston.

After taking a red-eye flight to Washington D.C. they had a jam-packed day. Although they had a lot to do and were tired, they still had a great time.

The 8th graders saw a lot of the monuments at the National Mall. Some of those were Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson monument, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

They saw the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, and the teachers went to the Native American Museum.

When interviewed, Mr. Maynard said,“ My favorite part of the trip was getting to bond with the 8th graders outside of school.” And his least was coming off the plane.

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