The Dream is Now a Reality

Evan Y., Reporter

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The Field of Dreams is a play area that is available to all of the people at Pilgrim. The field and parking area underneath took over two and a half years to complete.The field is probably one of the school’s greatest creations.

The field is for everyone and is open during recess for elementary students and Flex block for secondary. There are lots of activities to do there, including soccer, football, gaga-ball, and much more. “It’s better than the forecourt.” says Mr. Victor, one of the members of the yard staff. Because the field is now a reality, new sports are available to play, mainly because of all the new space. We now have middle school soccer, frisbee, more football, more cheer, baseball, and since there’s more room to play on, we can have three more classes and a longer recess for students.

In order to keep the wonderful field available to everyone, people must respect and follow certain rules students must treat the field with respect, food is not allowed on the field, and the equipment is to be treated with care.

The field is located where the old parking lot used to be.  It also replaces the old faculty parking, small soccer field, and additional land.

The field should be used to run around on, get some exercise, and most importantly have fun! The field is meant to keep Pilgrim’s students and staff entertained, and if the people of Pilgrim can follow the rules, the field will stay for new people to play on for many years.

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