New Renovations

Nika C., Reporter

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After over two years of waiting, the new carpool and parking lot opened Tuesday, February 13th! There are two ways into the school, including stairs directly up to the field and a passageway through Seaver then another the middle school courtyard.

Teachers, staff, and even administrators are at the carpool to help people get out of their cars as usual. The carpool is located near the outside parking lot and garage.

Cars enter the garage/ carpool/ parking lot on Commonwealth Ave and exit on Hoover Street.

Faculty and staff are allowed to park in the garage. The outside parking area is meant for parents, students who drive, and visitors. Or on the weekends people can park there for both school and non-school events.

Some students like this new carpool more than the previous ones.  Some said they wish that there were some benches to sit on and that they liked it better when the whole school wasn’t being picked up in the same area.  Others don’t like having to wait on the field and in the plaza area.

Some other students said that they like walking less and that they like having a garage.

Everything added to the school makes Pilgrim better and more welcoming to new students coming to the school.


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