Diving into the Depths with Subnautica

*This contains minor spoilers for Subnautica*

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Subnauticawas recently officially released in early 2018 although it was released in early access in 2014 . Subnautica is a underwater horror survival story full of mystery and confusion. Unknown Worlds Entertainment developed Subnautica.

Subnautica opens with the player departing from the Aurora on a life pod landing harshly. Then the player wakes up having landed on planet 4546-B, a seemingly water-only planet. Players explore finding breathtaking fauna and flora.

Players then find that they are in need of more items, making knives, habitat builders, and even better oxygen tanks. In just hours, the Aurora’s drive core has a critical failure, resulting in a shocking explosion, and it is necessary to rush to make a radiation suit to survive in this world.

This reviewer found the game amazing. The visuals were stunning, and the sound design really sucked me into the game, especially when it came to the animals. Players learn fast that either this planet is scared of people or wants them off of the planet.

The different biomes are interesting too. The Reef is a shallow area that you players start in. It gives players what they want but not what they need to live. Other areas that the game led me into included the lost river, the cragfield ,and the inactive and active lava biomes.

Subnautica is a game I would definitely recommend for anyone who enjoy survival horror games.


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