The True Teachers’ Pets

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The True Teachers’ Pets

John D.

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Many students end their days at home by playing or cuddling with a pet. But what about their teachers? Ms. Chaskes, Mr. Beardsley, and Mr. Oishi have dogs and a cat,  but there are many more teachers with pets.

Ms. Chaskes is a teacher for sixth grade social studies and English, and she also teaches seventh grade journalism. Ms. Chaskes has a dog whose name is Raven, and she is a dachshund.

Raven is a black dog with white feet and she weighs around eighteen pounds.

Ms. Chaskes said “Every morning  I wake up and rub her belly. She follows me around and sits with me on the couch during movies or TV Shows.” Ms. Chaskes also says that Raven is a great car traveler after she figures out that they aren’t going to the vet.

Ms. Chaskes added “that Raven is a source of comfort and she doesn’t talk back (like students). The only annoying thing is that Raven is a little neurotic.

Raven likes to play with anything she can rip stuffing out of and a ball to play fetch.

Raven is about eleven years old, and Ms. Chaskes said if she could have another pet, in addition, it would be another dachshund.

Mr. Oishi is a math teacher who has a cat. His cat’s name is Cloey.

She is about eleven years old, weighs seven or eight pounds, and is white, brown, and black.

Cloey likes to chase crickets and play with a stick that has a string on it. He does things like play with her with a stick and string.

Mr. Oishi acquired Cloey “about 10 years ago. She was a stray that my mom’s manager found and was trying to find a home for.”

He would not like to have any more pets in addition especially a dog because he said “I used to have a dog got but I got bit twice by it.”

Mr. Beardsley teaches S.T.E.M and has a pet dog. He got his dog just a few weeks ago.

His dog’s name is Ripley, and she is a girl. The breed is a Boxer Labradoodle, and she is a young puppy.

He said “The only thing annoying right now about having Ripley is that she hasn’t received all of her shots yet, which means she can’t go outside. She’ll have all of her shots in about a week, but for now, she’s just been cooped up inside the apartment.”

He also said “The best thing about owning a dog is the companionship. I always have someone I can play with and talk to at home, and as a bonus, she’s just darn stinking cute.”

Ripley’s favorite play toys are a stuffed elephant and a tiny stuffed Darth Vader. Mr. Beardsley likes to play tug of war and fetch with her.

Mr. Beardsley wishes to travel to different places with Ripley, and he would also like another dog and cat to join Ripley.


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