Bouncing With the Basketball Team

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Pilgrim’s Middle School boys basketball team just finished their season with a 5 win and 4 loss record. They have been working hard since December 4th on Friday and were excited to play basketball and get to know each other.

The  team includes eighth graders Jack, Zaki, Christopher, and Robert, seventh graders John, Caden, Theo C., Mikhi and Dylan, and newcomers from sixth grade, Simon, Jacob, Jack, and Max.  They are led by two coaches,  Mr. Skaggs and Mr. Wurmlinger. They coach the players very well, according to one of the kids on the team.

This year the team communicates very well with each other. Every time a small kid on the team gets a point the whole team cheers. The coaches frequently always see the kids being very benevolent to each other.

The only problem they have is moving the ball on offense, but the coaches see improvement in every game.

Most of the basketball team loves basketball. A lot of the basketball team joined the basketball team because they are great at it and like it too.

One of the kids was forced to leave the team because of a concussion, but hopefully the doctor says he will be okay to come back next year.

Sadly the basketball team just played  its last game this season so we won’t see any more basketball until next year.




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