Pom Patriots Go National

Clyde N., Reporter

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Last year, our middle school Pom team competed in their very first competitive season. Our school dance teacher, Ms. Ortega, wanted to embrace her students who were excelling in performance and technique by adding a competitive aspect to dance with the Pom team. Pom is a form of competitive dance in which a group of dancers choreograph and perform an explosive and entertaining routine.

Ms. Ortega has continued the Pom team into this school year. Although she admits they had a rough start in the beginning of the year, they have since participated in three competitions, placing second in the first competition and winning the second.  Their third competition, USA Spirit Nationals, they placed third!

For Ms. Ortega, coaching the Pom team is a passion and watching them perform is even better. She describes herself feeling like a “proud mom” although she is a perfectionist in some areas and often looks for mistakes and improvements in the routine.

The dancers themselves enjoy Pom just as much as Ms. Ortega. They appreciate both the competitive aspect and being able to hang out with their friends. 8th grader Ahbai J., described being in Pom as “a fun way to push my limits in dancing and get closer with my friends.”

Sixth grader Clover C. is a newcomer to the Pom team this year. When asked about her experience on the Pom team so far, she said that it was “very fun” and that she like the other dancers on the team.

Next year Ms. Ortega plans to start a high school Pom team here at Pilgrim for her soon to be ninth graders. She is also going to continue the middle school Pom team with her current 6th grade dancers and any new middle schoolers who are interested.


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