Hanging With Nurse Hazel

Felix S., Reporter

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Nurse Hazel is the school nurse at Pilgrim School. Her favorite parts of being a school nurse are the interactions that she has with students. She wanted to become a nurse because she likes helping people and also enjoys the study of medicine.

She has been a nurse for only two years, but she’s been working with kids for over ten years. She chose to be a school nurse specifically because she loves working with kids and making them feel better.

About 25 to 30 people come into her office every day. Their injuries usually aren’t too serious, but every once in a while there is a serious injury that she needs to call the hospital for.

During the flu season, the amount of people who comes in during the day rises to about 40, especially on Mondays. During lice season everything is usually normal except for the fact that she has to check people for lice.

One time a high school student came into her office and said that they had hot glued two of their fingers together. This was one of the most unusual and challenging injuries that she had ever encountered. To help the student, she had to slowly separate her fingers and then take her to the hospital for her to get a special cream.

Nurse Hazel was interviewed in her office on Wednesday, January 31st during flex block.

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