Mr Reyes

I have interviewed Jose Reyes

Chloe Manilay

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I have interviewed Jose Reyes, the director of technologies and facilities at Pilgrim School. He has worked at Pilgrim for over 20 years, He works in the I.T Department and is the go-to person for any tech problems. But that’s not even close to everything he does. According to Coach Manly, “anything that plugs in, anything that grows, paints, flushes, builds; he’s in charge of it and is usually doing the work himself, which is why he is so hard to find.” He does not think he has any interesting facts about himself because as stated, “it is hard for me to define myself as something interesting” , other than being a workaholic.

He has many interests outside of school and has an inclination for the youth and so he helps them, as well as his church. For him, one of his most significant achievements has been learning English, as it is his second language. If he could invent anything in the world, he says it would be a cure for cancer, aids, or another terminal disease. He says he wants it to be “anything that has to do with healing humanity or a cure to a disease that there is no cure for.” If he could have one superpower, it would be the power to travel back in time, to spend more time with his kids, and his favorite animals are dogs.

If Mr. Reyes could eat any food in the world at this moment, it would be Japanese food. He added that “there’s a place in Irvine that me and my family like to go to. We’ve been going there for about 25 years.” He loves all Japanese food except for sushi. His favorite place in the world was Iguazu Falls in Brazil, where he had gone a couple of years ago to. Some of his pet peeves are when people interrupt his conversations, and when people come to something they weren’t invited of his favorite things to do is sleep. He has come across some *interesting* things on a student’s device, but wishes not to disclose any information. The most annoying thing a coworker has done is called him at midnight for something very minor that could have waited until morning. He is currently married to his wife, Ms. Reyes, and he wishes she sees this.

Now, at the beginning of this interview, I asked Mr. Reyes if he had any interesting facts about himself, to which he replied no. However, he did not know I had also interviewed Coach Manly, who he had worked with for 8 years, and it turns out that he is filled to the brim with more than interesting facts. Coach Manly worked with Mr. Reyes in the technologies department, where Mr. Reyes taught him everything he knew. Mr. Reyes has 3 kids, all of which are Pilgrim alumni and were all model students. One of his children was even married at Pilgrim! And on top of that, Mr. Reyes is a huge Michael Jackson fan! He has been in every single room, closet, nook, and cranny of Pilgrim School, and loves to build and fix things. If Mr. Reyes could teach anything at Pilgrim, it would be computer science and working with hardware, not software. And finally, Mr. Manly stated that “he is a very loyal, dedicated, and intelligent person who will go up and beyond for you. One time, he drove all the way to Florida to help a friend move, and one Christmas break he helped his friend build a fence the whole break.”

To conclude this interview, there is much more to Mr. Reyes than what he would ever reveal himself and meets the eye.

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