Ms Larsen

T.J. Brunelle

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I interviewed Ms. Larsen the art teacher and found out many things. Ms. larsen is the art teacher for secondary school. One thing is that her favorite snack to have is raspberries and, I quote, “I like them eating them in the wild especially. I’m the youngest of three and we had a lot of raspberry plants that I would just hide in all day. It was definitely my secret imaginary world and eating them still reminds me of that.” Her favorite art piece she has created is when she hired a safecracker to crack open a safe she had and she made a whole series about all of the things that were in it and then she opened it and there was a key inside of the safe.
Some of her hobbies other than art are climbing mountains, surfing, and hanging out with her dog (who she thinks is really a unicorn). She told me a funny story about her dog and it went something like this, “When my son was really little we would make him oatmeal for breakfast in a cast iron pan with a wooden handle. I would then rush to work and then come home and the pan would be in the dog bed. I couldn’t figure out how he would get it there but he would jump up on his hind legs and drag this pan to his bed.”
Ms. larsen likes ice cream because it makes her feel like she is jumping in a pool on a warm summer day. She was always pretty artsy but her parents never thought it was a viable career so she studied philosophy, business, and fashion design until she worked up the guts to go study art at Calarts. She studied painting but her major was set design for theater because she wanted to make really big art. Her role model is Ms. Alexi the reason she said was, “Of her joyful and bright outlook on life, she’s super into art which we can talk about forever, also she is a great gift giver.”
One time Ms. Larsen put her entire leg into a bucket of paint, she says it was hilarious.Ms. Larsen was born in Bergen, Norway , but she grew up in a very small town of Rathdrum, Idaho. Her middle name is Zirkle. Her favorite job was teaching snowboarding in highschool, but teaching art comes in a close second. Her least favorite job was when she had the graveyard shift at enterprise car rentals and she had to wash cars all night. The most difficult art piece she has created was for an opera in NYC called “The curious case of Benjamin Button” Her concept was to scale up the set to make Benjamin seem younger. So, she had to move these giant set pieces by subway from shop to stage.
If Ms. Larsen had a super power she would want to fly because it would be nice to avoid traffic because she likes riding on motorcycles, she thinks it would be the same feeling. Her favorite restaurant serves Middle Eastern food. If she could go anywhere in the world she would bring her five year old son to Komodo so she can show him real dragons. I learned alot about Ms. Larsen and I hope you did too.

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