Interviewing Mrs. Wind by Linus.

 I interviewed Mrs.wind not too long ago. I asked her 15 interesting questions. Here are the questions and her response.

Linus Aagaard

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Question number one: What inspired you to work at pilgrim? “I was inspired to work here because it’s a diverse school in the heart of LA.” She loves diversity in school and that is why she came here. She wanted to be with a community that has so many different people in it. That’s why she loves pilgrim and is inspired to go here.

Question number two: How does helping students affect your life? “I think I’m not as helpful as teachers but I am happy to help.” She Loves being a part of our community and loves to help out children. Like I said before Mrs. Wind loves these kinds of communities and is ready to help. She will always be here ready to help you.

Question number three: What did you do before coming here? “I worked at a non-profit that gave public schools libraries before coming here.” Mrs. Wind always loves to help and helps other schools because it makes her happy. She is one of those people who doesn’t care about the money but about the community. That’s proof that she is nice.

Question number four: What do you do outside of school? Is your outside life exciting? If so why? “A Long time ago I was a chef. Because of that I bake a lot and I try to make recipes healthier. I sculpt with clay as well because I life the squishiness of it.” As you now know Mrs. wind is a creative cooker. She tries the delicious and nutritious route instead of just one. That is how you know she’s committed.

Question number five: Do you have any hobbies? If so what are they and why to do like them? “I like cooking and clay because they are fun.” This shows that Mrs. Wind is very creative and tries to make something. Cooking is all about creativity and flavor and Is a perfect hobby for someone like her. Molding clay is also great because It’s about making art and creativity.

Question number six: What is your favorite sport? Why do you like it? “I like long jump because I did in highschool and I love landing in the sand.” You heard that right Mrs. wind is a little sporty to. This show that she is fit and smart plus creative. In my opinion these 3 things make her an amazing person. Wow you talk about anything with her.

Question number seven: Did you have an exciting childhood? If so why? “I just had a regular childhood but I did have a lot of vacations. I skied off of big mountains on those vacations.” Mrs. Wind is not only a long jumping fan but also a ski fan. She is like us and lived a normal life and that makes you feel similar with her. She also loves to travel to so bring your passport.

Question number eight: Do you like working here? If so explain why? “I like working here because there is always something new and I like supporting schools.” Mrs. Wind loves her job so that is how you know she’s a nice person. She also is lucky to get something fresh every day unlike other jobs. Man I wish I could get something fresh.

Question number nine: Have you had an interesting story with a student before? If so what was it? “Personally all of my encounters are interesting but the most interesting has got to be my encounters with the dorm students since they are learning the school.” Well looks like she has some stories to tell. You know now she has been here long enough to witness something exciting. She seems pretty wise.

Question number ten: Explain the best vacation in your life was. “I think the best ones have to be the ones in the caribbean because of the perfect water and weather.” As I said before Mrs. Wind loves to travel. If you do to, you two maybe could be friends. You could travel the world together.

Question number eleven: Have you been a teacher before, if so what subject did you teach? “I taught text mail design and Weaving.” Yes Mrs. Wind has taught before. She taught two creative subjects, text mail design and weaving. Those are both very creative and you would be a very creative if you were her student. Wow I wonder why she stopped with a subject that fits her.

Question number twelve: Which famous person would you be and why? “I would be Ruth Roitenberg because the world needs more people like her.” I think I know why Mrs. Wind chose her. It’s because she loves to help the community and she wants to help everyone. That’s how you know she cares

Question number thirteen: What superhero would you be and why? “I would be superman because he can fly and is strong.” Wow Mrs. Wind also likes superheros to. Wow it seems that she is one to. Well maybe not I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory now do I?

Question number fourteen: What is you dream job and why? “My dream job would probably be a data analyst because it’s close to what I do.” See Mrs. Wind loves her job so much that her dream job is similar to her old one. She is really determined. She picked the right job to do.

Question number fithteen: What is your favorite movie and why? “I really like trading places. It’s a movie where two guys’ lives get switched.” Mrs. Wind has a great taste for movies I say. She has done a lot of things you don’t know about. Maybe you should go ask her something to.

It turns out, there is a bunch of things you didn’t know about Mrs. Wind. If your lucky enough to go talk to her yourself, you’ll be in for a treat. She has a bunch of stories to tell and they are all very cool. Go ahead and try to interview her. You won’t regret it. She is a kind intelligent and creative person and we are lucky enough to have her here. Make sure to say hi the next time you run into her. She is one of the reasons this school is great.



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