Sarah Chaskes Biography

  For my Journalism project, I am interviewing Mrs. Chaskes, and if you all want to hear about her family and her life before Pilgrim, read onward…

Alex Cummin

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Mrs. Chaskes is a Sixth Grade English and History teacher at Pilgrim, just as she was at her previous school. There she taught English, History, Math and also co-taught a tech class. She also used to teach Journalism and taught Math when she first came to Pilgrim.

Mrs. Chaskes knew she wanted to be a teacher when she was going through college and she got a government degree in international politics, and was planning to live in Washington D.C. Then, when she was a senior at college, she visited her brother who was living in Washington D.C. Then all of a sudden she turned to her then boyfriend now husband, and she said “I am going to go home to California and be an elementary school teacher.” Mrs. Chaskes husband gave her a look like she was crazy, and she told her parents the same thing.

She always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but she had never really acknowledged it. Mrs. Chaskes’s favorite subject and favorite class to teach, is English. She hopes in 10 – 15 years that she will have more freedom to travel, but she still thinks that she will still be working and teaching. Mrs. Chaskes said that her greatest professional achievement was either being teacher of the year last year, or when people who are old that she taught years ago say that they remember her teaching them.

Mrs. Chaskes also likes to go for walks and hikes, do crossword puzzles, hangout with her friends, see movies and read outside of school. If she were an animal she would want to be her dog, because she has a good life. Mrs. Chaskes would be a dachshund living in her own house, being taken care of by her own family. Mrs. Chaskes looks up to her mom and some of her other friends.

Overall, I think that Mrs. Chaskes is a very interesting and nice person, and is a good teacher with good teaching strategies for her students at Pilgrim.

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