An Inside look at Coach Sarafian

Coach Sarafian is a hilarious, coach who has worked here for 36 great years here at Pilgrim School. He has so much personality, and is a very unique person for so many reasons. By continuing on with this article you will find out just how unique Coach Sarafian actually is!

This is Coach Sarafian. Look how dapper he is!

This is Coach Sarafian. Look how dapper he is!

Brendan Albert

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Coach Sarafian has been coaching and teaching for 36 years but stopped coaching 2 years ago because of a car accident. His name, Sarafian, is Armenian and means trader of gold, I also found out that he doesn’t know any current Armenian relatives. Because he was a coach I was curious about his favorite sports to watch and play. His response was that he likes to watch golf and play baseball, “I started baseball in Little League when I was 5 years old and I stopped playing baseball when I was 45, I played in middle school, high school, and college.” During a second interview he said that his favorite team was the Dodgers and that he was almost a professional baseball player but some things didn’t work out. He also said that his favorite game/sport to teach is T-ball or baseball and teaching them instructions on Pilgrims sports. Although Coach Sarafian is a teacher he originally wanted to be a computer programmer and his second choice was coaching, but those roles got reversed. Coach Sarafian’s favorite trait about Pilgrim is that he gets to know all of the teachers and students here.

I asked Coach Sarafian what his favorite color was and he responded with navy blue because, “I’ve always admired that color in our color scheme and in our school.” His favorite animals are dog’s because he always enjoys their playfulness and his spirit animal is a Laughing Hyena. When I asked why, his response was, “well, because it laughs, you know? It has that laugh and I like to laugh and have fun.” Another favorite of his is dinner, compared to breakfast and lunch, dinner is his favorite because he eats more, but he agrees with others that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I asked whether Coach Sarafian likes Windows computers or Mac computers better and he said Mac because that was what he was trained on and was more comfortable with.

Coach Sarafian has collected his humor from several sources, including friends and former peers. I asked him if he had 1 billion dollars what would he do with it? He said he would buy his kids a new house, give money to his grandkids, buy a nice house, and buy a new house in Hawaii for him and his wife. His favorite island of Hawaii is Kawaii, his favorite things to do and about the island are parasailing and the weather. If he could be somewhere right at that moment he answered Australia because they went there to see his wife’s brother and loved it. When he went there, his wife’s brother showed them the fairies to go on and he went to the beaches. He would rather see a movie instead of a TV show, because when you see a movie it’s on the big screen and it’s more enjoyable that way. Coach Sarafian’s favorite genre of music is Motown and his favorite Motown group is the Isley Brothers, the reason Coach Sarafian likes this genre of music is because it’s easy to understand and uplifting for him. I asked him about how his family has impacted him, he responded with that they have supported him and never made him feel like he wasn’t spending time with them. He also said that they haven’t really changed him, they have really just supported and motivated him to do his best!

Personally, I haven’t had too many interactions with him, but even still when he’s passing by the rest of my fitness class and me, I can see how funny and nice he is. Sometimes when he passes by he will say a joke or he does something funny. He is really a great guy, and an excellent teacher for his students. I am really happy and grateful that I had an opportunity to interview Coach Sarafian.

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