Mr Jorge

Mr. Jorge is a fun, relatable, and caring person. When I interviewed him, I asked questions about sports, his job, plans for the future, and would you rather. I found out a ton of information that many people didn’t know.

Parker Moore

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Mr. Jorge has been working a pilgrim school for around 18 years. He found out about Pilgrim from just being in the neighborhood and from a friend who was working here. He is currently a yard staff, which he chose to become when he came to pilgrim because it sounded fun. His weaknesses are organization and getting attached.

His main strength as a yard staff is relating to the students. However, he has had many other jobs around the campus. Some of these include Coach, Chef, and chaperone. He was a chef for twelve years and a Coach for about four. I asked Mr. Jorge If he enjoyed these and he says “ I did very much so…because it kept me connected to the students.” A few reasons that he likes pilgrim are the students, and how it is a second home to him. Mr. Jorge never really planned on working at school or with kids, so it is cool that he loves pilgrim like a second home. After asking him all these work-related questions, I decided to ask Mr. Jorge more fun and less school-related questions. When I asked him what he sees himself doing in five years he answered with “Maybe have a baby.” When Mr. Jorge played sports he loved being active and competitive with his teammates. His hobbies include collecting knives and coasters, as well as watching sports and trying new foods. His favorite color is either black or a marine greeny blue. His favorite animals are a wolf, a crow, or a jaguar. The wolf because it’s in a pack, the crow because it’s really smart, and the jaguar because it is lonesome and cool. If Mr. Jorge could be an animal he would be any of those. His favorite movie is Forrest Gump or Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. His favorite sports teams are Dodgers, Raiders, and Lakers. I asked Mr. Jorge what would be something students would be surprised to find out about him and he said, “ I’m a black belt”. After I asked him would you rather questions for fun. I found out that Mr. Jorge would rather never play sports than to never watch sports. I also learned he would rather not have wifi than to not have an arm.

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