Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Homework Bite

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Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Homework Bite

Cecilia M.

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The annual Middle School Sleepover was on October 9th and 10th, here at Pilgrim, and it was amazing! The sleepover was planned by the Middle School Student Council (MSSC) and Mr. Oishi. There were fun and games galore. Students stayed after school and enjoyed dodgeball, a lip-sync battle, as well as an overnight at school.

The dinner was a delicious Mexican-style meal provided by the Pilgrim Chef, Mr. Gotti, and the breakfast was provided by generous parent volunteers. The girls slept in the library, and the boys slept in the learning lab.

The sleepover has been a Pilgrim tradition here for about eight years. The current MSSC leader, Mr. Oishi, has only planned this one. Ms. Shanahan planned three sleepovers before him, and Ms. Salter planned the ones before her.

This is very special to the Middle School because we share a lot of events with High School, but this is one of the few school events that is only for us.

After-school activities included watching the movie Jumanji and playing dodgeball. After dinner there was a Lip-Sync Battle! The winners were Harper R. and Eva D. (7th), and Stafford M. (7th) came in second.  The contestants mouthed the songs they chose while dancing or performing.

One time, Pilgrim parents donated ping pong tables, pool tables, arcade games, and basketball hoops. The sleepover turned into an spectacular carnival. Last year at the sleepover, we played an awesome game called “Assassin.” People went around school running after others to get their name tags. The last person who still had his/her own name tag won. Each year the sleepover has a big, new event, so students can already start looking forward to next year.



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