Life Is Better in Flip-Flops

Ariana P.

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seventh grade facesAfter months of anticipation, the seventh graders finally embarked on their trip to San Diego on the morning of Monday, October 19. They boarded the bus, along with teachers Mr. Maynard, Ms. Camacho, and Ms. Logue. On their four-day trip they did many activities, including kayaking, surfing, archery, rock wall climbing, and campfires. They did this trip to build skills such as leadership and teamwork. They stayed by the beach in a cabin owned by YMCA and worked with instructors from Positive Adventures. The seventh graders had lots of fun!

When they first arrived, they met their instructors Mandy and Aaron from Positive Adventures and instructors from the YMCA, Dre, Craig, Louise, and Payton. Mandy and Aaron separated the class in two separate groups: the Moons and Suns.

Moons did exciting activities like gaga ball, getting to know your partner, yoga poses, and taking relaxing walks with instructor Aaron. When the Moons did yoga poses, they did not focus only on planks.  They also spun around, looked up at the stars, wiggled around, and tried many other fun poses. In gaga ball the moons had an awesome time and kept their game faces on.

Suns ran and played games on the beach, such as bat and moth and gaga ball. One night the suns found a dead seal washed up in the sand. It was a devastating thing to see. The sun group thought Mandy did a great job of making activities more exciting. She challenged  them with riddles and fun games to pass the time.

Most of the seventh graders enjoyed surfing and wished to do it more often. Everyone went out in the water and caught some waves . There were even some people who caught over 40 waves! In archery, there were some students who made lots of bullseyes, including Stafford. M.  The seventh graders especially enjoyed the s’mores and the talent show at the campfire. They thought the best part of the talent show was Miku. W singing.

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