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Time to Be Flexible

Flex Block is a great new part of the school day!

Flex block was introduced to Pilgrim school this year, but are people enjoying it? So far students and teachers are making good use of the time given to us during flex. A few things that people are doing during this time are going to Learning Lab to get help from teachers and raising their grades in math by taking a concept check. Some non-academic activities include playing ping-pong, board games, or just hanging out with friends while eating snacks.

Many students attend clubs that happen during flex block. Some of the current clubs are hacking club, the science bowl, art club, Girls Learn International, and anime club. Students who want to start a new club can do that if they get a faculty member to sponsor them and a few students.  

One reason Pilgrim added flex block is to help students manage their time. In the previous years students had to use their lunch time, which was only fifty minutes, for too many activities, including meeting with teachers, finishing homework, attending clubs, taking concept checks, and socializing. All this and eating too!

That is just the student side of flex but the hour-long break benefits the teachers as well. Teachers have extra time to prepare for class, grade student work or actually have a break.

Pilgrim has also taken advantage of flex time to add an advisory program for sixth and seventh graders.  It also helps avoid disruptions to the normal school day, since special programs can be scheduled during flex.

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    A Stronger Flex

    We can make Flex Block even better!

    This new schedule change at Pilgrim called Flex Block is great. Everyone is loving the extra hour for anything that needs to get done.  The reason Ms. Coley created Flex Block is to give students a dedicated time for socializing, attending club meetings, or working directly with teachers.  In previous years, Pilgrim students had to squeeze those activities into their lunch time.  Now lunch is only for hanging out with friends and relaxing.  Flex Block fits into our schedule because we got rid of passing periods between each period.    Middle and high school students have Flex Block every day except Tuesdays and Chapel days.

    Although Flex is an improvement in our schedule, the administration should consider adding more activities for students to do because Flex Block can sometimes get boring.  Besides ping-pong, there aren’t very many choices for students who want to be active.  Also, the cafeteria should be open for more than just fifteen minutes. People might have an obligation at the beginning of Flex which prevents them from getting food. If the cafeteria stayed open longer, it could make more money.

    There should be somewhere else to go to during Flex Block other than just the Middle School Courtyard and the Church forecourt.  We should keep Flex Block next year when we have the Field of Dreams because there will be so much more to do.  We could play soccer, football and almost any other outside sport. It will be a blast, and the students will have grass, so they don’t have to take any chances of getting hurt on concrete.  The students will also have enough space to play two different sports at once, so there will be no arguing about what to play.  Even though Flex Block is a great change to the schedule, Pilgrim needs a way to make it more useful and fun for the students.

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    1. kathryn atwood on November 22nd, 2015 2:19 pm

      I think the idea of having some sort of sports option during flex block is a good one.

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