Under the Deep Blue Sea

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Under the Deep Blue Sea

Monica L.-R.

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When you were in sixth grade did you go on a five day trip to Catalina Island? The lucky  Pilgrim School sixth graders, along with Mrs. Chaskes, Mrs. Trammell, and Coach Stauffer, spent five days at Howland’s Landing  on Catalina from October 19th to 23rd.The students kayaked, snorkeled both during the day and at night, and even climbed through a high ropes course. The sixth graders went to Catalina Environmental Leadership Program, known as C.E.L.P., which is designed  to build skills such as communication, friendship, and teamwork.

For the service learning component of their trip, the sixth graders learned about gardening with composted soil.  To help other people in the future, Pilgrim School made new hiking paths. They did this by removing branches with large clippers.

Shannon C. and Mrs. Chaskes said that their highlights from the trip were going kayaking and night snorkeling. During this amazing experience, students encountered bioluminescence.  This meant that when they turned off their underwater flashlights and moved their arms and legs, they saw tiny glowing objects in the water.

Robert A. said that one of his favorite activities was free swimming. Even though the students were very sad to leave Catalina, they spent their last hours enjoying the high ropes course. This allowed the children to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Mrs. Trammell said that she would absolutely do this trip again. She felt that all of the teachers and students had a wonderful time. Indeed they did; this trip was one the sixth grade class will never forget.

Catalina Trammell Group

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