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eighth grade groupIn California there are hundreds of private schools, but do all of of their students get to go on a five day trip to Washington D.C.? Do you remember going across America to see the beautiful memorials, monuments, and museums when you were in eighth grade?  Pilgrim’s eighth graders, accompanied by Mr. Cardella and Ms. Martinez, went to Jamestown, WIlliamsburg and Washington D.C. from October 18th to 23rd.  This trip connected directly to the eighth grade American history curriculum.

In Washington D.C. the eighth grade students went to see a ghost tour, which sounds super scary! A lot of the students said that they enjoyed seeing the Washington Monument at night. The students and teachers enjoyed witnessing the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. The memorials that really showed America’s rich history were the World War II and Vietnam War Memorials.

Colette C. said that one of her favorite activities was going to Mount Vernon, which was George Washington’s estate. During the trip, students had some freedom to walk around Washington D.C. and gain some other adult skills. Ms. Martinez said that she would go on the trip all over again because they went to so many incredible sites. All of the students and teachers mentioned that they would be happy to go again.

Mr. Cardella said that his two highlights from the trip was visiting the Smithsonian museums and having the tour of the Capitol building. Sofia W. said that the most challenging thing in the trip was walking the streets of Washington D.C. to discover places to eat and to manage her money. The students and families would like to thank Mr.Cardella and Miss Martinez for attending the trip.

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