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Jake C., Reporter

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There are many sports at Pilgrim, but basketball is the most popular by far according to this reporter’s informal research.  The Middle School Girls’ Basketball team started their season on February 2nd. The girls have been practicing after school five days a week, from from 3:45pm until 5:30pm.

There is a wide range of talent amongst the Middle School players. Some team members, including Ava Y-H. and Bianca L-R, are experienced basketball players, while others like Olivia B., Eva D., Ahbai J., Harper R., Monica L-R., and Abby K. are brand new to the sport this season.

Olivia B, a seventh grader, said that the team is “really fun, and it is a good experience.”  She also commented that she likes to play with her friends, which makes it even more fun because she has never played basketball competitively before.

One of their best games so far was their first game against Oscar Romero at Everest when they thrashed heir opponent 34-6. The starting lineup included Bianca L-R., Alaine F., Harper R., Eva D. and Monica L.-R. On defense they played a classic 3-2 formation, and on offense they did a formation similar to colorado.   The lopsided score resulted from Bianca L-R. scoring a total of 16 points and Eva D scoring a total of 6 points.

The playoffs are coming up, and Coach Stauffer thinks that the girls will be good enough to participate. He believes they will succeed for two reasons.   One is that he has all sorts of players, including smart players, aggressive players, and enthusiastic players.  The other reason is that he is teaching the team to read the game and play better on defense.
Coach Stauffer is not the only leader of the team.  Co-captains Bianca L-R. and Ava Y-H demonstrate the leadership qualities of good captains.They try  to keep the team’s spirit high and not be down when they are losing. Bianca and Ava have demonstrated what good captains should be by working together to create a very skillful, talented team.  Pilgrim has been gaining momentum and getting lots of support.

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