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Olivia B. and Eva D.

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The Middle School boys basketball team has ended their season and is looking forward to a great season next year. They played eight games in total. They won three games and lost five.The coaches say that the team put in a lot effort this season, and they did well.

Coach Taylor has said that his goals for the team this season were for the players to learn how to play basketball and enjoy playing. The boys need to improve on the basketball basics: shooting, passing and defending. The coach says they also need to communicate more.

Team member Arik B. says his goals for the season were to win the last game before the playoffs and to try their best to win in the playoffs. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

Arik’s favorite play is called “Colorado”. The play “Colorado” has several steps. First, the point guard has the ball while the wings run down and screen for the post players. Then the post players come up to the wing and the point guard passes to one of the wings. Afterward, the wing catches the ball, and the point guard runs down to screen for one of the post players. And that repeats on and on until the wing can pass to an open post player who can make a shot.

Arik’s favorite thing about basketball in general is bonding with friends and just being on the court.  Arik likes the new Nike gear that they got this year because it makes them look better, and the shoes provide good foot support. The coaches say that the new Nike gear helps the boys look like a team both on and off the court. “The boys appear to like it and have some swagger,” says one of the coaches.

Robert A. in sixth grade, who is new at Pilgrim and new to the basketball team, thinks basketball was alright throughout the season. Robert’s favorite thing about basketball is being on the court. Like Arik, Robert’s favorite play is also “Colorado.”  Robert likes the coaches and thinks they are very supportive.

boys bball with coach

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