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Pilgrim’s iPads: Useful or Useless?

December 3, 2016

Expand iPads’ Uses

Here at Pilgrim seventh and eighth grade students are given laptops and iPads to help expand their education, but the iPads are rarely used.  In a survey given to students in the seventh grade , the iPads were rated badly and only good as replacements for forgotten laptops,But that is not the full story.  In an interview Charles Mesa,who works on the technology department revealed another side to the story.  While many teachers only use the laptops, there are specific uses for the iPads as well.  These include mobile note taking/viewing, filming and editing movies, and organizing pictures for easier use in presentations.  Although students can put textbooks on the iPads, this has the disadvantage that of not being able to view a large infographic. Mr. Mesa believes that teachers don’t always take advantage of the iPads because they don’t always know how.

One solution that lets everyone at Pilgrim take full advantage of the useful devices students are required to care for and keep with them, is that towards the beginning of the year the teachers could hold a meeting where they are informed of how to best use the laptops and the ipads.  

Students are required by the school to charge and take care of these devices that we don’t use.  Unless teachers learn to use the iPads they are only making backpacks heavier for no good reason. Also keeping these devices charged wastes energy and takes up outlets at school that might be needed for more useful electronics.

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    Laptops Outshine iPads

    I think that iPads are not as important as we think to the Pilgrim Community The laptops can do what iPads can do. There is not very much an iPad can do better than our laptops. There is also more battery life with the computer.  

    The computer is also easier to use. The computers have USB ports while the iPads do not. That means no flash drives, keyboards, or mice. In addition, there are more websites that are optimized for the computers than iPads. For example, the vocabulary learning program, Membean, would be hard to do on an iPad, yet it is a breeze on the computers.

    In my opinion, iPads are not as solid of a device when compared to a computer in speed and usefulness. Overall, Pilgrim students agree. Seventh grader Jack C. said that students never use iPads and should get rid of them.

    take a turn for the worse. Mr. Mesa’s suggestion was to train the teachers how to use the iPads more effectively. I agree that iPads are a great device and should be used more often.

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    1. Brad Johnson on December 7th, 2016 5:06 pm

      You are right I pads are a waste and need to be removed.

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