• Pilgrim's Seventh Graders Reveal the Inside Scoop!

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2017-2018 Staff

Renzo W.


Renzo is in seventh grade and loves working for the Pilgrim school news site. He thinks it is an amazing way to get news about our school. He has been at Pilgrim for eight years.   Renzo ‘s favorite class is math. He like...

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Mikhi V-B


Mikhi is a seventh grader who is 13 years young.  He has been at Pilgrim for 9 years and he has loved the experience. Mihki really loves sports. He plays soccer, football, squash, golf, baseball, and some basketball.  He is ha...

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Diego R.


Diego is a 7th grader at Pilgrim school.  He really likes working on the Pilgrim Pioneer because he is in the play and wants to give people some special content about the play. This is his first year at Pilgrim School; he m...

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Dylan N.


Dylan is a seventh grade student. One thing he likes about working on the Pilgrim Pioneer is interviewing people. Dylan likes all of his classes, but if he had to choose a favorite class it would be math. Outside of school, Dyl...

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Ava M.


Ava is a seventh grade student, and she has been at Pilgrim for four years. Ava’s favorite thing about working on the Pilgrim Pioneer is getting to interview teachers and students. She likes to interview people about school e...

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Yixiu L.


Yixiu is a Pilgrim school seventh grade student from China.  He is also a piano student in the Colburn Music Academy. He has been in Pilgrim School for two years.  He likes to work on Pilgrim Pioneer website because he like...

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Sasha K-G


Sasha is a seventh grader, and this is his first year at Pilgrim. He loves working on the website because he likes to interview people.  He also likes to talk with people about how they feel about the school and what will happen...

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Rahmi K.


Rahmi is a seventh grade boy who goes to Pilgrim school. This is his first year, and he is excited to explore the school. Rahmi’s favorite thing about working on the Pilgrim news site is finding out information and putting the...

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Astrid J.


Astrid is in seventh grade. This is her tenth year at Pilgrim, and she is super excited to be a part of seventh journalism this year with Mrs. Chaskes. Astrid loves that she has the opportunity to write a news story on the Pi...

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Theo F.


Theo is in seventh grade, and this is his third year at Pilgrim. He enjoys listening to music in and outside of school. Theo also likes eating food out of school. He personally likes working on projects with his peers most in...

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Iris E.


Iris is a seventh grade student who is new to Pilgrim. Iris has really enjoyed writing about the Middle School girls' volleyball team especially since she loves playing sports herself. Some of Iris’s favorite out-of-school activiti...

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Theo C.


Theo is a 7th grader at Pilgrim school. He really likes working on the Pilgrim Pioneer because he gets to write an article that everyone else can see.  Theo moved to the United States two and a half years ago from Brazil. Out...

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Robi C.


Robi is a Pilgrim School student who has been at Pilgrim since preschool. His favorite class is math because he has fun learning and sitting with his friend Rahmi. Robi is a dambo belt (red and black belt) in Tae-Kwon-Do, and...

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Carolina C.


Carolina is a seventh grade student who has just arrived from Italy. She likes working on the news site because she is curious about the school’s history and also excited to meet the staff. Her favorite class so far is social...

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Jasper A.


Jasper is a 7th grade reporter in his second year at Pilgrim. His favorite thing about writing for the Pilgrim Pioneer is the ability to contribute to a news site that Pilgrim will see. His favorite subjects other than journalism ...

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Henry A.


Henry is in 7th grade, and he’s 13 years old. His favorite thing about working on this website is writing about interesting topics and other people getting to read about them. This is his first year at Pilgrim and he is lovin...

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